Upholstery Design

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  1. When and Why to Upholster

    When to reupholster?

    When cushions are sagging and/or padding is flat

    When fabric has worn out and the color is gone

    When the inside stuffing is coming out of the holes of the fabric

    Your old piece doesn’t fit with the other things in the room - need new color scheme

    When webbing gives up and has lost it’s elasticity

    Springs are not even and/or are poking out through the fabric


    Why to reupholster and not buy instead?

    Older furniture is well made - their hardwood frames are doweled and glued and are by far better quality than most of the furniture made today

    Family furniture have real sentimental value, especially if they are passed from another generation

    It is much cheaper to reupholster than buy items of the same quality

    Your choices of fabric are limited, while you can only choose from few when buying

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