5 exercises that you may perform while lying down as part of the "lazy girl" weight loss plan

It takes a lot of willpower to force oneself to exercise. You can lose weight effortlessly using lazy activities if you're someone who's battling with the same.

These straightforward workouts, which can be carried out in bed while lying down, have the potential to assist you in achieving a more toned abdominal region.

In order to enter a left side sleeping posture, you should put your left foot behind you and bend your left knee.

Raise your head left-handed. Raise your right leg to the ceiling with hips stacked and heel straight. Before the right and left legs touch, lower and raise the leg. Switch sides and repeat after 20–30 repetitions.

Bend both legs to your chest on your back. Hold the feet tightly. Each hand can hold the center of the foot or the large toes. Start by slowly expanding your knees and raising your feet to the ceiling with your back on the mattress.

Lay on your back with legs bent and feet flat. Squeeze your butt and abs to elevate your hips while maintaining your heels on the mattress. Breathe and gradually lower your hips. Repeat 15–20 times.

Turn over onto your stomach with your forearms flat on the mattress and elbows under your shoulders. Hold a forearm plank for 30–60 seconds. Core training is harder on the floor, so beginners should start there.

Start quadrupedally with hands and knees on the bed and torso straight. Take a breath and slowly arch your spine to cow posture. Downward toe twist. Tilt your pelvis to raise your tailbone. Your neck moves last when you face the ceiling. Keep your abs taut and your torso low to the bed as you pull your belly button to your spine. Hold for 2 counts.

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