A revelation! Why is it that processed food is so detrimental to our health?

Preserved, refined, or packaged food may be in your morning cereal, lunch baked beans, or evening frozen dessert. Fair enough, ‘processed’ food refers to many foods. Though sliced and packed for convenience, pre-cut apples retain all their nutrients.

Thus, mechanically and chemically treated foods differ. Chemically processed food is the only unhealthy food. You may know processed foods cause obesity worldwide. The simplest store or vending machine foods like chips, cheese, and frozen chicken nuggets are severely processed. While processed meals are handy, they also include a lot of fat and sugar.

Processed food is canned, frozen, dried, or pasteurized. Fat and salt are added to make food safe. Preservatives extend food shelf life. Chemically processed meals are sugary. Sugar is ‘empty’ calories, meaning it has no nutrition, hence high sugar intake might be harmful. It can cause insulin resistance, high cholesterol, and liver fat. Obesity and other chronic disorders are linked to processed food.

You may have observed that if you consume a pack of chips close to sleep, you toss and turn due to blood sugar drops from processed carbs. Sugar gives our brains a sensation of pleasure similar to drug addiction, causing unconscious cravings for highly processed foods and snacks.

We all like excellent meals. Our appetite craves salty and fatty foods because they provide energy. Did you know that processed meals reward our brains and alter our thoughts and behavior? Have you ever eaten another granola bar while full? The fiber is removed from processed food. Processed food takes less time and energy to digest, so your mind and body don't feel full, so you eat more.

The issue is that most processed meals include several components. Not that easy. In canned orange juice, you may discover twenty aliases for sugar, such as fructose, sucrose, corn syrup, molasses, or nectar. Check packaged cheese ingredients. You'll read about many chemicals. You'll probably read the first two or three chemical compounds and disregard the rest since they're hard to pronounce.

Looks tasty? Twenty to thirty chemicals required to manufacture 500 grams of cheese are more hazardous than tasty. Processed food may kill. They include inexpensive fats such hydrogenated vegetable and seed oils, which become trans fats. High omega-6 fatty acid levels can induce inflammation and other illnesses.

Limit highly processed food. Try eating more unpreserved food. Trust fresh fruit and vegetable-based handmade cuisine. Simple diet modifications can help. Try raw tofu instead of cheese. For a healthy lifestyle, consume nutritious meals.

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