A World's Fair of Money® in 2023 that will bring together collectors and coin enthusiasts

The United States Mint made the journey to Pittsburgh, known as the "City of Bridges," to take part in the ANA World's Fair of Money® that took place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from August 8th to the 12th, 2023.

The event, which is currently in its 132nd year, draws attendees from sovereign mints all over the world, as well as hundreds of numismatic merchants and collectors of all ages.

The Honorable Ventris C. Gibson, 40th Director of the United States Mint, helped with the ribbon cutting and gave brief remarks at the opening event, which took place against a backdrop of the Rachel Carson bridge.

While Director Gibson was making her way to the floor of the bourse, she extended a warm greeting to the visitors and urged them to visit the Mint exhibit at any time throughout the week.

Third straight ANA show for director Gibson, a coin collector. She was popular during weeklong gatherings. Director Gibson also spoke at the Liberty Seated Collector's Club 50th Anniversary Celebration Open House, swore in the new officers at the ANA 132nd Anniversary Awards Banquet, and presented to students at the Young Collector's Corner Program.

Don Bennett, the acting associate director of sales and marketing, and Kristie McNally, the deputy director, were also there on behalf of the mint. During the daily "Meet and Greet" events and the "Director's Strike Silver Ticket" drawings, Kristie, Don, and Director Gibson all interacted with showgoers.

At the Mint, participants may buy one of 20 Director's Strike 2023 Peace Silver Dollar Uncirculated Coins. Director Gibson minted 200 of these coins on July 10 and hand-signed each numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Scores of collectors got tickets at the Mint's stand everyday and returned for the drawing each afternoon. Four tickets were drawn daily, and the booth sold all 20 of the remaining 200 coins.

These and other in-person transactions were made possible by Mint store staff. The exhibition introduced the U.S. Navy Bronze Medal (MNVS), Morgan Silver Dollar Proof Coin (23XF), Peace Silver Dollar Proof Coins (23XL), American Liberty 2023 High Relief Gold Coin (23DA), and Silver Medal. Three U.S. Mint Police Officers protected personnel and merchandise.

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