After reading this, you will never want to come into contact with junk food again!

When you're in a rush and don't have time to make lunch, getting a burger and shake looks like the simple way out. However, have you ever considered the amount of unhealthy food you eat? It's common knowledge that fast food is bad for you.

It's full of fat and grease and will not aid in weight loss if consumed on a daily basis. Despite how bad it is for you, it's still hard to resist the urge to give in to. The following seven facts about junk food will make you think twice before you eat it, and maybe help you see the light.

Tomato sauce is a pantry staple with 1 teaspoon of sugar every 15ml serving. Many sauce manufacturers utilize fructose corn syrup to sweeten tomatoes, which is harmful for the stomach and can raise insulin levels and weight. Sugar is "a breeding ground for disease." and connected to obesity.

Many fast food chains use as many as fifty different chemicals, including rose, ethyl acetate, phenethyl alcohol, and solvent, to simulate the taste of strawberries. Remind yourself of the two simple ingredients—strawberries and milk—the next time you have a want for a strawberry milkshake, or whip yourself a homemade version.

Donut store smells attract you? Definitely unhealthy donuts. Chips are better than one donut. According to the Hong Kong Consumer Council, doughnuts have more trans fats than chocolate, peanut butter chocolate bars, and chips in 2008. Just one doughnut has your daily trans fat.” Remember, no donut is eaten. Trans fats increase heart disease risk-raising cholesterol and triglycerides.

Corn flakes, chips, sweets, drink, and jelly contain tarrazine. Children may get hyperactivity and cancer from Yellow No. 5 dye, according to the Centre for Science in the Public Interest. Yellow No. 5 and No. 6 food colors changed liver and kidney chemistry in 2010 "Food and Chemical Toxicology" animal studies. The effects of yellow dye on people need more investigation as these experiments employed mice or rats.

Shellac is a sticky material that is released by these creepy tiny bugs called "lacs." Shellac is used to make the bright, colorful, and sweet shells that are seen on the outside of candies. Should you consume them, despite the fact that they are useful for producing bangles?

During the course of a month, consuming one can of cola on a daily basis is equivalent to consuming nearly an entire bag of sugar. It has a nature that is quite acidic. Think about the damage that this may cause to your inside organs.

Trouble stopping chip binges? Processed food boosts dopamine, a pleasure neurotransmitter. Food firms design their goods to achieve this. These foods hinder calorie burning. Diets heavy in processed food burn 50% less calories than whole food diets.

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