An investigation has uncovered the REAL reason why eating an apple every day is beneficial to one's health.

The next time you want an apple for its flavor, fiber, and flavonoids, keep in mind that you're also swallowing in around 100 million bacteria—the kind of which may be beneficial or harmful depending on the farming practices of the apple orchard.

According to experts, the majority of germs are already present in apples, but the specific strains you consume are dependent on factors like whether the apples are organic or not. Organic apples, they claim, have a more diversified and balanced bacterial population, making them healthier and tastier than conventional apples.

Our digestive tracts are temporary homes for the bacteria, fungus, and viruses that we ingest. "Raw fruit and vegetables are especially important sources of gut microbes because cooking kills most of them," explained Professor Gabriele Berg of Austria's Graz University of Technology.

In Frontiers in Microbiology, store-bought apples were compared to visually-matched organic ones for microorganisms. Stem, peel, meat, seeds, and calyx—the straggly piece at the bottom where the flower was—were studied individually. Overall, organic and conventional apples had similar bacterium counts.

"Putting together the average for each apple component, we estimate a typical 240-gram apple contains roughly 100 million bacteria," Berg said. The seeds contain most of the germs, while the meat contains the rest. If the core is removed, your intake is closer to 10 million.

"Freshly harvested, organically-managed apples harbour a significantly more diverse, more even and distinct bacterial community, compared to conventional ones," according to Berg. The presence of particular kinds of bacteria that are known to have the ability to harm health was another factor that favored organic apples.

A type of bacteria known as Escherichia-Shigella, which contains recognized diseases, was discovered in the majority of the conventional apple samples, while none of the organic apple samples had any of these bacteria. The researchers found that the opposite was true for the helpful Lactobacilli that are famous for their probiotic properties.

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