As chaos persists, Michigan Republicans plan presidential dueling conventions.

LANSING — Despite the national Republican Party's claim that members legitimately dismissed previous chair Kristina Karamo, Michigan Republicans' leadership dispute might lead to two presidential nominating conventions on March 2.

Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra, the new Republican National Committee-recognized Michigan GOP chair, stated Tuesday that the state Republican Party would conduct a presidential nominating convention in Grand Rapids on March 2 to allot 39 of 55 presidential delegates. However, Karamo and her supporters will conduct a Detroit conference the same day.

Later this week, a court may decide the Michigan GOP chair controversy before the convention. At a Jan. 6 meeting, some party members voted Karamo out as chair, but she refused to recognize the results, alleging the meeting was unconstitutional. Last Monday, the RNC named Hoekstra state party chair. He represented Michigan from 1993 to 2011. Hoekstra was backed by former President Donald Trump.

Michigan Republicans had a convoluted delegate allocation procedure this year. Michigan's Democratic legislature moved the primary to Feb. 27. The date change violated RNC regulations, forcing Republicans to divide the primary.

The party will assign 16 of the state's 55 delegates based on the Feb. 27 primary. Republican precinct delegates will distribute the rest at the March 2 state convention. The internal Michigan GOP conflict is unlikely to harm frontrunner Trump. The 39 precinct delegates have long supported the former president, nominating his Republican secretary of state and attorney general nominees before the 2022 midterms.

Split loyalties in the state party allow Hoekstra and Karamo to send their own RNC delegates. Local party officials have pledged to attend Karamo's Detroit convention despite RNC opposition. The Iosco County GOP chairman, David Chandler, told The Associated Press that his party will attend Karamo's March 2 gathering.

“Karamo will be there, and we’ll run this,” Chandler added. That convention's outcomes will go to the RNC. It's too terrible if they reject it and don't let us send delegates to the national conference. Very sorry for the RNC.”

Court might determine the issue before the March 2 convention. On Tuesday, a Kent County court permitted a lawsuit to remove Karamo as chair. Injunction hearings for Karamo are set on Wednesday and Thursday.

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