Caleb Williams: Kliff Kingsbury evades questions

Caleb Williams should be a top 2024 NFL draft choice. Commanders draft second and need a QB. Last season, Commanders offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury coached Williams at USC.

Kingsbury effortlessly avoided Williams questions at his Thursday introductory press conference.

"Great child. Without a doubt," Kingsbury told NBC4 Sports. "Just getting to watch Lincoln [Riley] from afar and observe him and how he coaches and how he schemes things up and his processes was huge, and then just being around the younger players

When questioned about quarterbacks, Kingsbury joked, "The Chiefs quarterback." Texas Tech coach Kingsbury coached Patrick Mahomes.

"No. I think the game, as you can see. When the money is on the table, you have to be able to make some foot plays and move about to avoid a terrible play, "Kingsbury remarked. "You don't have to run like Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray

However, the D-line and defense rush these days are so good that you need to maneuver to buy yourself time. For intangibles, you want that guy to work hardest. You want him to lead them. You want him to elevate the building every day he comes in. Because of that, they produce so much."

Commanders are anticipated to choose a quarterback for Kingsbury to groom as he did with Manziel, Mayfield, Mahomes, Murray, and Williams. "You need talented players to work with. No doubt "Kingsbury announced. "I've met some great players and individuals. I attempt to understand their motivations

Everyone's different. Everyone learns differently. All process differently. Likes various plays. Views the game differently. I attempt to understand who they are as a person and a player and create around them."

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