Calories in half-fried eggs and instructions on how to make them

They are one of the most wonderful gifts that nature has given to humanity. Not only is the delectable treat cherished for its flavor, but one also appreciates it for the nutritional advantages it offers. People frequently inquire about the most effective method of consuming an egg.

Considering the fact that there are several methods by which an egg may be prepared, the issue of which method is the healthiest and most advantageous is a significant one. It is imperative that you comprehend that the way of cooking does not considerably alter the nutritional composition of the egg.

Actually, the nutritional value of an egg remains very same regardless of cooking method. The addition of other substances to an egg's preparation alters its nutritional value. Whether boiled or cooked into an omelette, for instance, an egg retains its 6 grammes of protein.

On the other hand, taking into account the fact that an omelette would require butter or oil, the total number of calories would be higher. A boring hard-boiled egg is not nearly as enticing as a fantastic preparation, so you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with alternative cooking ways. They are just as good.

Many people choose to prepare their eggs by half-frying them. Compared to a boiled egg, which has 71 calories, a half fried egg has 92 calories. Ingredients used to improve flavor, such as butter or oil, are the only source of the calorie increase.

The following is the recipe for a great half-fried egg, in case you are not familiar with how to cook one. There is also the option of preparing it in an Indian manner by adding gravy to it; despite the fact that this method of consumption is not a healthy one, it is certainly a great one!

The preparation of this meal may be eaten with rice, roti, bread, or paratha, making it a great example of its versatility. If you want to prepare your very own half-fried egg in gravy, just follow these outlined methods.

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