During the monsoon season, this is the proper method for cooking eggs.

In spite of the fact that we eagerly anticipate the monsoon season in the hopes of finding relief from the sweltering heat, it also brings with it a string of diseases and other health problems.

This occurs due to the fact that the humid environment is perfect for the reproduction of bacteria and pathogens, which in turn leads to a number of diseases that are transmitted by water and air.

Therefore, many health professionals recommend avoiding eggs during this season since they are a common vector for the spread of infectious diseases like Salmonella. To get the most out of eggs, here are a few easy ways that experts recommend cooking them.

Washing eggs with water and a pinch of salt is the best method to prevent illnesses since eggs from chicken are very susceptible to contamination. Because of the parent bird's unclean living circumstances and illnesses, the eggshells are quickly infected.

Consuming eggs that are not fully cooked is not recommended, according to experts. Eggs, whether hard-boiled or fried, are the way to go. In order to prevent illness, boil eggs only after you have washed the outside shell.

The secret to perfectly cooked fried eggs is frying them at low to medium heat, which also helps to cook the egg whites. The eggs will cook more evenly if you season them with a little of salt and a drizzle of oil. In addition, pepper, salt, and turmeric can kill any germs or diseases that may have been present in the eggs.

Despite the fact that eggs are loaded with amino acids and nutrients, are you aware of the reason why experts recommend against deep frying eggs that have been boiled? The reason for this is because deep frying might produce a reduction in the nutritional content. Eggs should not be cooked for too long.

During this time of year, the most effective method for preparing omelettes is to cook them in the correct manner. Therefore, it is recommended to cook by turning the sides over so that the egg is cooked from the inside out. This assists in eliminating any infectious agents that may be present.

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