Garlic is classified as a vegetable that may also be used as a spice or a herb.

Tempting pasta topped with a generous amount of garlic and olive oil, does it seem appetizing? It has the great flavor of garlic, so why not enjoy it?

Due to the intensity of its flavor and perfume, it is an essential component in a wide variety of culinary preparations. There are a variety of recipes and medications that make use of it, ranging from Asian to European. However, have you ever inquired about the nature of garlic? What kind of plant is it? Oregano? What about vegetables? To learn more, read on.

Under the earth, it takes the shape of a bulb when it is mature. In garlic, the long green branches develop flower stalks that are edible and are referred to as scapes.

Cloves are the separate pieces that make up the bulb, also known as the head, which is often covered in a papery covering that is inedible. It has a meat that is pale yellowish in color and is used for cooking.

Garlic has a strong and pungent flavor when it is consumed in its raw form. It is because to this reason that it is normal to heat it in some manner before to serving it, which significantly reduces the intensity of the flavor.

The lily family includes garlic and onion. They both store sulfur-based enzymes in microscopic meat cells. Garlic cells burst when sliced or crushed, releasing the pungent chemical. However, onion enzyme is airborne while garlic compound is only conveyed by physical touch. Garlic doesn't hurt your eyes when sliced, but onions do.

In terms of botany, garlic, also known as Allium sativum, is classified as a vegetable. In addition to having a bulb, a tall stem, and long leaves, it possesses traits that are typical of vegetables.

But its culinary uses are more akin to those of a herb or spice than a vegetable. Unlike other vegetables, it is often used in very little quantities during cooking. Therefore, its main function is as a spice or herb to enhance the flavor and nutritional value of food.

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