How to create a banana cake without using eggs in less than ten minutes

After March 1, Banana Bread was one of the most sought recipes since everyone desired comfort food throughout the epidemic. One of the pandemic's unofficial baked goods is this simple meal. Although it takes an hour to bake, the meal is worth it.

Why discuss it now? Popular baker and blogger Shivesh Bhatia just revealed a 10-minute banana cake recipe! This Banana Cake recipe is egg-free and ready in 6 minutes. It's surprising, right? Today we're providing the quickest Eggless Banana Cake recipe for unexpected guests or sweet cravings.

Add everything to a microwave dish and whisk thoroughly. Microwave cake batter for 6 minutes to make the cake quickly. Try it with vanilla ice cream or alone. This wonderful eggless banana cake recipe will have everyone wanting more. These easy instructions will help you produce the ideal banana cake. Check it out.

Most importantly, use ripe bananas. Bake bananas at 150 degrees C until their peel becomes black to ripen them. It will bubble, but bananas release water, so don't worry. Make sure the roasted bananas are cold before handling them to avoid burning your hands.

This eggless cake needs egg to be moist. The moist cake requires sour homemade curd, which is the perfect acidity medium.

Make sure that the oil you use in the baking process is as flavorless as possible, such as peanut oil, sunflower oil, or even vegetable oil. The cake will take on the flavor of the oil that you use, or any other flavor.

Instead of refined flour, use wholewheat, almond, coconut, oat, or quinoa flour to make the cake healthier. When such flours are added to the cake mix, the banana cake tastes better.

Regarding the type of flour that you would want to use into this simple cake recipe, we will leave that decision up to you. Make sure you give this incredible cake recipe a shot, and then share with us the modifications you made to the recipe in order to make it more nutritious and tasty.

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