If food is made at a barbecue, is it really healthy?

People who are trying to lose weight usually tell us to eat more grilled or barbecued meals and less deep-fried food. However, by mindlessly adhering to the latest "healthy diet fad," we put our bodies at risk of serious health complications.

One example of a food trend that contains ingredients that might be harmful to the human body is barbecue cuisine. It is well knowledge that beef includes creatine, which is an organic acid that assists in supplying energy to muscle cells at the same time.

Creatine is converted into heterocyclic amines (HCAs) when meat is barbecued, which may cause cancer in large doses.

Barbecues, due to the combination of direct heat and cooking technique, tend to create more HCAs than other methods of preparing meat, such as frying or grilling. Higher levels of HCA, which are harmful to humans, are produced by the charring process.

A barbecue warms meat from below, and as the fat falls over the hot coals, it burns and smokes, coating the meal anew. This smoke contains loads of PAHs from partly burnt fat, according to tests. As everyone knows, PAHs cause cancer.

Research has connected the regular intake of barbecued meals to an increased risk of health problems. The majority of research have found a cancer risk associated with HCAs and PAHs. Because of the potential health risks, many individuals avoid eating barbecue. However, according to specialists, indulging in barbecue meals sometimes won't pose any health risks.

If you follow this one easy guideline, you can make grilled food safe and cut the level of carcinogens by 90%, according to a paper published in the Harvard Health Letter. Research has shown that meat may be safely cooked for human consumption by pre-cooking it in the microwave for 2 minutes before grilling it.

It is not sufficient to just adhere to a dietary trend in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. After you have gained an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of the trend, you should also pay attention to how it affects your body, and then you should incorporate it into your way of life.

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