If you want to get the most out of your Chai during the rainy season, include these five components.

What could possibly be a more perfect combination than the sound of raindrops falling on the window as you are holding a cup of scorching hot chai in your hand? It has been declared that the monsoon season has arrived, and along with it comes the onset of cough, cold, and flu symptoms.

Adding some flavorful spices to your usual cup of chai is a great way to boost your immunity and protect yourself from seasonal diseases. You may make your tea more soothing for a scratchy throat and milder for a severe cold or cough by adding the ingredients listed below.

One of the most prevalent spices that is used to Chai is green cardamom, also known as elaichi. Initially, this spice is pulverized using a mortar and pestle, and then it is added to the tea.

The advantages it offers are multiplied as a result of this, and the Chai even becomes more fragrant as a result. An increase in immunity, a reduction in inflammation, a lower chance of having a heart attack, and even a potential aid in weight loss are all benefits of consuming elaichi.

Adrak Wali So close are Indians and chai that ginger is added virtually year-round. If you like simple chai, add ginger during the monsoon. It improves immunity, prevents colds, and lowers blood sugar. Ginger can be crushed, grated, or sliced into small bits for tea. Boil it for 5-6 minutes to release the ginger's juices.

Cinnamon is utilized in teas beyond India due of its antioxidant effects. For monsoon and winter, cinnamon is toasty and keeps the body warm. So cinnamon is popular in Christmas cooking. To spice up and exoticize Chai, add 1 inch of cinnamon stick while boiling.

Tulsi, often known as Holy Basil, is essential to Indian teas. Tulsi with Chai produce a soul-satisfying drink. Tulsi boosts immunity, decreases stress, dissolves kidney stones, and relieves colds and coughs. 4-5 tulsi leaves per cup of tea work wonders.

You must try Star Anise if you prefer spicy tea. This unusual Indian spice is lovely and helps with digestion, respiratory difficulties, and fungal infections. It gives the tea a strong licorice flavor and pairs well with cinnamon, green cardamom, tulsi, and ginger, making it suitable for Kadak Masala Chai.

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