It's no secret that CMC can't stop thinking about that early Super Bowl fumble.

After the 49ers' Super Bowl LVIII defeat to the Chiefs, Christian McCaffrey is still mad with himself for fumbling on the team's first drive.

The first drive was a breeze for San Francisco's offense; it only took three plays for 35 yards to reach the Kansas City 29-yard line after McCaffrey coughed up the ball.

Thankfully, after McCaffrey's fumble, the Chiefs' offense and quarterback Patrick Mahomes were quickly forced to go three and out by the 49ers' strong defense. Is there any damage in it?

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, two days following the 49ers' devastating loss, McCaffrey confessed to them that he keeps thinking about the fumble.

"I think there's so many things to look back on in that game that you want back," said McCaffrey. Obviously, I can't stop thinking about how to get the ball to the ground. Unable to complete it. We missed out on a lot of opportunities because we didn't use the many plays at our disposal. The pain is real, but so is life.

A score on the first drive may have impacted the game's fate, even though Kansas City didn't score on the drive after McCaffrey's turnover.

Besides rushing 22 times for 80 yards (3.6 average), the All-Pro running back also had eight catches for 80 yards (including a score) and an interception.

Though 160 all-purpose yards in a career-defining game is certainly impressive, McCaffrey will be tormented by that blunder for years to come.

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