Lara Trump believes GOP supporters want RNC to pay Donald Trump's legal bills(Part-1).

South Carolina's — Republican National Committee co-chair and daughter-in-law of Donald Trump has stated her belief that Republican supporters would approve of using the party's coffers to cover the astronomical legal bills incurred by the former president.

As she campaigned for her father-in-law in South Carolina on Wednesday, Lara Trump claimed ignorance of the RNC's policies on the reimbursement of Donald Trump's legal bills in connection with his numerous civil and criminal issues.

However, she expressed her belief that the plan would garner widespread support from Republican supporters who saw his court actions as an attempt at political persecution.

"That is the reason why people are irate at the moment. The assaults on him are visible to them as well. They see it as a national attack, not just against Donald Trump, she added. "Indeed, I believe that piques people's interest greatly."

Along with the millions he is shelling out for legal representation, Trump's mounting legal bills now exceed half a billion dollars.

Despite being the clear favorite in the Republican presidential primary, Trump has not yet secured the nomination. Regardless, he openly demanded last week that the existing leaders of the Republican National Committee be removed and that Lara Trump be appointed co-chair. Michael Whatley, who is now the head of the North Carolina GOP, was suggested by him to take over the position.

On Wednesday, she addressed reporters and said that having a member of the Trump family placed as RNC leadership will inspire more faith in the party among GOP voters.

People will benefit greatly from having someone with my background in that position. She promised her father-in-law that she would be loyal and watch over the spending of every money. "The issues we care about should be fought for on November 5th."

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