Lara Trump believes GOP supporters want RNC to pay Donald Trump's legal bills(Part-2).

She listed Donald Trump's reelection as president in November, the influx of "patriots, America first candidates" into the House to increase the Republican majority, and regaining control of the Senate as these factors.

It is not expected that the RNC will formally announce any changes until its meeting later in the spring, and current chair Ronna McDaniel has privately agreed that no changes would be made until after Saturday's South Carolina vote.

After some of his supporters voiced their displeasure with the party's performance in the past few elections, its financial woes, and what they saw as a lack of effort to combat voter fraud—which Trump has claimed as the reason he lost the 2020 presidential election—the former president became increasingly frustrated with McDaniel, despite her having been personally selected by Trump to head the party's political machine

It's worth noting that Trump's team lost over 50 cases related to the election, and his own Justice Department also stated that there was no proof of widespread fraud.

During her speech to Trump supporters and volunteers on Wednesday, Lara Trump stated her intention to make sure the Republican National Committee (RNC) was doing everything it could to help Trump win the election. This included pushing for early voting and ballot harvesting, which the RNC has already begun doing.

Concerns over how a more confident Trump would impose his way on the party are further heightened by the suggested leadership move. Even before he takes office, Trump is active in Republican primary campaigns for lower-level posts and backs opponents of Republicans he views as unfaithful.

"I don't know why we would change course on that now," Lara Trump remarked, expressing her belief that the RNC will remain impartial in primary battles. However, she did admit that her devotion would be to her father-in-law if she were appointed co-chair.

Nikki Haley, a former United Nations ambassador, is still challenging Trump in the presidential primary, which is where she drew a separate line. An ally of the Republican nominee for president will have the full backing of the Republican National Committee, according to Lara Trump. "I believe it's safe to say that will be Donald Trump."

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