Observe this! Dementia may be the result of eating an excessive amount of spicy food.

Are you a fan of using spices? If you answered yes, then you would be dismayed to learn that consuming an excessive amount of chili might put you at risk for developing dementia. The findings of a recent study conducted at Qatar University say that

A higher risk of dementia may be associated with daily use of the popular spice exceeding 50 grams, according to recent research. The study asserts that the risk is twofold for individuals who are underweight or skinny, and it is published in the Nutrients journal.

Those who drink more than 50 grams of chillies on a daily basis have a risk that is twice as high of experiencing a deterioration in their memory and impaired cognition, according to a study that involved 4,582 people.

The molecule known as capsaicin, which is contained in chili peppers, has the ability to speed up metabolism, reduce fat loss, and prevent vascular diseases. An interesting finding from this research is that there is a connection between the use of chilli and cognitive performance.

Researchers have discovered that individuals who consume a large quantity of chili and have a low body mass index (BMI) are more susceptible to the effects of chili, and that it has a greater impact on their memory and weight than it does on persons who are significantly overweight.

The use of chillies on a regular basis has been demonstrated to be beneficial for maintaining a healthy body weight and also for maintaining a healthy blood pressure. An excessive amount of consumption was identified in the study as having the potential to have negative impacts on older persons.

Both fresh and dry chilli peppers were shown to be associated with an increased risk of dementia, according to the study. On the other hand, sweet capsicum and black pepper were found to be totally safe for intake.

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