On January 4, the United States Mint will begin selling commemorative coins in honor of Harriet Tubman in the year 2024.

Washington— On January 4, 2024, at 12:00 EST, the US Mint will begin taking pre-orders for Harriet Tubman Commemorative Coin Program goods. Shipping should commence in early February.

Public Law 117-163 authorizes this Harriet Tubman tribute. Public law requires the Mint to manufacture $5 gold, $1 silver, and half dollar clad coins for the program. Pricing, purchase limitations, and product selections are below. Set up REMIND ME alerts by clicking each product choice.

Gold product prices are based on the Mint's Pricing of Numismatic Gold, Commemorative Gold, and Platinum Products table. After 3:00 pm EST on February 5, 2024, standard sales prices will apply. The first 24 hours limit family orders to one gold choice per household.

The Mint Director, Ventris C. Gibson, signed 250 COAs for the 2024 Harriet Tubman Three-Coin Proof Set. These COAs will be randomly put into unmarked sets and fulfilled during delivery. When sales open at noon on January 4, pre-order your set and hope to win.

“Every coin produced by the US Mint helps tell a story that teaches us about America's history or connects us to a special memory,” stated Director Gibson. We hope this event honors Harriet Tubman's life and legacy and inspires people to learn more about her.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Harriet Tubman Home, Inc. in Auburn, New York, are authorized to receive $35 for each $5 gold coin sold, $10 for each silver dollar sold, and $5 for each half dollar sold, totaling $50 for each three-coin set sold.

To place an order with the Mint, visit usmint.gov/ or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Call 1-888-321-MINT if you are hard of hearing or have speech impairment and need a TTY. For more information regarding shipping alternatives, please visit catalog.usmint.gov/customer-service/shipping.html.

In 1792, Congress established the United States Mint, which became part of the Treasury Department in 1873. The Mint produces circulating coinage for trade and commerce as the Nation's sole legal tender coinage maker. Proof, uncirculated, commemorative, Congressional Gold Medal, silver, bronze, and silver and gold bullion coins are also produced by the Mint. Taxpayers pay nothing for its self-sustaining numismatic activities.

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