Part 2: A Compilation of the Highest Quality Cookies Produced in the United States

Nabisco began marketing animal crackers almost a century ago. British bakers' animal-shaped pastries inspired it. American circus performer P.T. Barnum inspired another. The only issue is: why are they called crackers instead of cookies? Everyone knows animal crackers are cookies.

In 2018, Barnum's Animals Crackers package featured free-roaming animals to combat animal abuse. The cages vanished. The box removed its string and has a paper handle. Barnum's Animals Crackers still please youngsters of all ages from sea to shining sea with its animal-shaped shapes and flavorful flavors.

Chocolate chip cookies weren't sold in William Entenmann's 1898 Flatbush bakery. He sold bread and buttery pound cakes, moving his family business to Long Island. After them, Entenmanns invented chocolate chip cookies and see-through boxes. They became national before selling the family bakery for great money in 1978.

Entenmann's crumb coffee cake was a favorite of Frank Sinatra, while others prefer its cakey donuts. We prefer its bite-sized chocolate chip cookies. We're not alone. Most popular are Entenmann's original chocolate chip cookies, soft and full of chocolate chips.

Simple question: which Lorna Doone came first—the novel or the cookie? Shortbread cookies weren't introduced until 40+ years after R.D. Blackmore's 1869 book. The book and cookies have a name, but they're not similar.

Lorna Doone cookies are buttery, square-shaped shortbread cookies that resemble Scottish shortbread biscuits. The novel is an intriguing historical romance set in England. Some eat them straight from the package, others dip them in tea or coffee. While we support dunk, you decide how to enjoy Lorna Doone cookies.

There is a sandwich cookie that is more beloved in the United States than Nutter Butters. According to what was said before, such accolade is bestowed onto the Oreo. Nevertheless, these peanut-shaped sandwich cookies filled with actual peanut butter are sure to be a hit with Americans. But wait, hold your horses.

Not only are many Nutter Butters now spherical, but the iconic peanut butter cookie also contains substances such as corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil in addition to roasted peanuts. All of these components are included in the cookie. It doesn't matter; the cookie is still delicious.

Despite Milan being Italy's second-largest city, Milano cookies are not Italian. Pepperidge Farm's Distinctive oblong cookies were created in Connecticut. Inspired by inventor Margaret Rudkin's trip to Europe, most cookies in this series are named after European cities including Bordeaux, Brussels, Dublin, Geneva, Naples, Verona, Zurich, and Milan.

We recall a time when original dark chocolate and chocolate mint were the only Milano varieties. The times, they are a-changing. Thirteen different Milano tastes are available right now. Our love for the classic sandwich cookie, particularly in its dark chocolate version, has never wavered.

There are two reasons why chessmen cookies are not like other types of butter cookies. In the first place, they are square rather than spherical. Furthermore, the delicious and buttery cookies are embellished with pictures of chess pieces such as knights, queens, and kings. This is the most essential aspect of the cookies.

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