Republican Eric Hovde challenges Baldwin for US Senate in Wisconsin (Part-2).

Eric Hovde's experience as a job creator rather than a career politician makes him a strong candidate to flip Wisconsin's Senate seat this year,” said NRSC head Montana Sen. Steve Daines.

Other Republicans may challenge Hovde for nomination. Franklin businessman Scott Mayer and former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke are also exploring Senate races. Reps. Tom Tiffany and Mike Gallagher, two prominent Republicans, declined to run.

Hovde ran in 2012 as a free-market conservative. He opposed abortion and supported reversing Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act, signed by former President Barack Obama. The 2022 Supreme Court decision helped Democratic abortion rights hopefuls win. Baldwin has pledged to promote abortion rights in the Senate contest. In his Tuesday announcement, Hovde did not address abortion or health care. He refused queries.

Hovde Properties, his grandfather's 1933 real estate development enterprise, and three banks make up his empire. He has a $7 million Laguna Beach mansion and a Madison property, is Sunwest Bank's CEO, and has starred in western Sunwest Bank advertisements. He returned to Madison in 2011 after 24 years in D.C. Democrats say Hovde is a carpetbagger who abandoned his California house to seek for Senate in Wisconsin, his hometown.

Hovde didn't answer it, but he did mention his great-grandparents' arrival in Wisconsin and his grandfather's foundation of a real estate firm in Madison that his family runs. To establish a nonpartisan tone, Hovde mentioned Ronald Reagan but not Donald Trump.

He stated, “We’re allowing politics and political parties to divide us and that is wrong. We're tearing families and friendships apart over politics. We must work together to solve this nation's major issues. Our people must unite.”

Baldwin's 11-point reelection triumph was hailed as a model for Wisconsin Democrats running statewide

She campaigned tirelessly, earned support from independents and people beyond Democratic strongholds in Madison and Milwaukee, and raised millions of dollars to win.

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