Republican Eric Hovde challenges Baldwin for US Senate in Wisconsin.

Madison — GOP billionaire and real estate magnate Eric Hovde began his Senate campaign against Wisconsin Democratic incumbent Sen. Tammy Baldwin on Tuesday, asking for bipartisan solutions to the middle class, immigration, and national security.

“We have to stop putting on the red jersey or the blue jersey and competing against each other,” Hovde said on the 13th floor of his real estate company's downtown Madison skyscraper overlooking the state Capitol. “We need to put on the red, white, and blue jersey as Americans and unite.”

Dems need Baldwin to win a third term to keep the Senate majority. November will see Democrats defend 23 Senate seats, including two controlled by independents who caucus with them. Compared to 11 Republican seats they want to maintain.

In 2012, former Gov. Tommy Thompson defeated Hovde in the GOP primary for the Senate. Baldwin won election that year and is pursuing a third term in battleground Wisconsin. Hovde ran for Senate to reduce the debt and boost the middle class. For southern border security and “peace through strength” foreign policy, he advocated for bipartisan solutions.

In business, if you want to get things done, you have to compromise,” Hovde remarked. “I will work with anyone to advance the country and this state’s interests.” Baldwin left the country “riddled with debt” during her 25 years in Congress, according to Hovde. He committed not to accept corporate special interest money during the campaign as a multimillionaire.

Baldwin's fundraising email called Hovde “an out-of-touch megamillionaire” minutes after his campaign website launched. Baldwin's campaign said Hovde would “rubber stamp” McConnell's agenda.

“Hovde would vote to pass a national abortion ban, raise taxes on working families and seniors while cutting Social Security and Medicare, and repeal the Affordable Care Act,” Wisconsin Democratic Party spokeswoman Arik Wolk stated.

Senate Republicans' campaign arm, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, supports Hovde.

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