Retirement Portfolio: 3 Top-Performing Mutual Funds

Retirement mutual fund investments are always a good idea. If you're still seeking for the top mutual funds, the Zacks Mutual Fund Rank might help.

What distinguishes excellent mutual funds from inferior ones? It's simple: a diversified, low-fee, high-performing fund is a keeper. There are many mutual funds, but the Zacks Mutual Fund Rank has identified three that would be terrific additions to long-term retirement investors' portfolios.

Janus Henderson Contrarian D (JACNX): 0.6% management fee, 0.76% cost ratio. JACNX, a Large Cap Value mutual fund, invests in $10 billion-plus firms with undervalued shares. A winner, this fund has returned 13.52% annually over the past five years.

JPMorgan Intrepid Growth Fund R2 (JIGZX): 0.3% management fee, 1.09% expense ratio. Large Cap Growth mutual funds like JIGZX invest in several large U.S.

corporations predicted to expand faster than other large-cap equities. An properly diversified fund with a lengthy history of strong performance, JIGZX has returned 15.23% annually over the previous five years.

For First Eagle Gold A (SGGDX), 1.18% expenditure ratio and 0.75% management fee. Sector—Precious metal funds like SGGDX invest in equities of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium miners and producers.

The fund invests mostly in stocks, has a good track record, and has returned 8.3% annually over the past five years.

That's it. You're protected if your financial advisor recommended one of our top-ranked funds. You may need to chat.

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