Take Advantage of These Top Mutual Funds for Retirement

A retirement investment in a mutual fund is a good choice at any age. Therefore, the Zacks Mutual Fund Rank is a fantastic resource to have on hand if you are in the market for a mutual fund.

Verifying strong performance, diversity, and minimal costs is the ideal approach to narrow down excellent mutual funds. While there are certainly better options, we have narrowed it down to three mutual funds that, according to the Zacks Mutual Fund Rank, may be great for retirement.

The cost ratio for John Hancock Disciplined Value R4 (JDVFX) is 0.9% while the management fee is 0.61%. JDVFX is a kind of large-cap value mutual fund that seeks to invest in companies whose stock prices do not represent their true worth but have a market capitalization of $10 billion or more. An incredible 11.86% yearly return has been obtained by JDVFX during the past five years.

A management fee of 0.75% and an expense ratio of 1.04% characterize BlackRock Eurofund I (MAEFX). Among the several stock markets in Europe, MAEFX stands out as an equity mutual fund specializing in the region.

Over the past five years, MAEFX has returned 10.41% annually, solidifying its reputation as a properly diversified product.

The NMIAX is a Columbia Large Cap Enhanced Core. The expense ratio is 0.83%. Charge for management: 0.75 percent. The return over five years was 14.59%.

One way to describe NMIAX is as a large-cap blend fund. Large Cap Blend mutual funds often put their money into firms that are worth more than $10 billion. Investments in larger firms provide more security for these funds, making them ideal for "buy and hold" investors.

We trust that the investment advisor you've been working with has recommended at least one of the highly rated mutual funds we've compiled for you. However, if that isn't the case, then maybe it's time to talk or reevaluate this significant relationship.

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