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After leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl and forcing overtime by limiting the Chiefs to 19 points in Wilks's first season as defensive coordinator, the franchise dismissed him.

Weirdness ensued. It felt unjust. Shanahan was prepared for the challenges posed by Wilks and his unconventional defensive strategy. The news broke a year ago when Wilks was brought on board to succeed DeMeco Ryans.

What gave Wilks the boot? Something clicked for me while Myle Simmons and I were talking about it on Thursday's PFT Live.

The San Francisco attack is expertly led by Shanahan, who rose to the position of head coach thanks to his stellar performance as an offensive coordinator. Shanahan, like many former offensive coordinators who have become head coaches, defers to his defensive coordinator in making defensive decisions.

Extra pressure and stress for Shanahan came from the choice to recruit a defensive coordinator who was not a Seattle or Cover Three employee to head up the defense.

The defense became more of an issue and required more of his attention than before. Additionally, he probably chose to part ways with Wilks due to his reluctance to repeat that experience.

Shanahan plans to bring in a Seattle/Cover Three specialist if the rumor is true. That way, Shanahan can devote the bulk of his effort to improving the offense and let the coordinator deal with the defense.

Wilks still thinks the timing is terrible. Additionally, there is one unanswered question that may never be resolved. Would Wilks' dismissal have persisted even if the 49ers had prevailed in Super Bowl LVIII?

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