Three beverages that might help you lose weight when you are on an intermittent fasting regimen

During the practice of intermittent fasting, you refrain from eating for a predetermined period of time on a daily or weekly basis. The type of intermittent fasting known as alternate-day fasting is one of the most popular approaches to the practice.

One such strategy is to eat normally one day, and then the next day, either completely abstain from food or consume a single little meal that has fewer than 500 calories.

There is a list of beverages that you may eat while you are on an intermittent fasting regimen in order to speed up the process of reaching your weight reduction objectives. Here are three beverages that are beneficial to weight reduction and may be consumed when engaging in intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting entails going without food once, twice, or even three times each week. Your calorie intake will decrease, leading to weight loss. I love intermittent fasting because it takes all the guesswork out of knowing what to eat and what to avoid during the fasting phase.

Without calories, black coffee may be drunk when fasting. Avoid adding sugar, cream, or milk to the drink, since it may break your fast. One cup (240 ml) of black coffee has 3 calories, very little protein, fat, and minerals.If you want to flavor your coffee on a fast, try cinnamon.

Water with lemon is a great quick drink because it has few calories and doesn't raise insulin. What's great about lemon water? Lemon, a vitamin C-rich food, may reduce hunger during fasting. If you like flavoring your water, a fruit wedge or a splash of fruit juice is OK (about a tablespoon). Although your drink contains fruit, its calories remain in the single digits, keeping you in the fasting range.

Caffeine and EGCG in green tea boost metabolism and burn fat. This will aid weight loss”. Green tea is one of the healthiest liquids. It contains antioxidants and other plant-based chemicals that may benefit you. Some say green tea aids weight reduction and fat burning.

All the beverages above are easy to make and keep in the kitchen. Intermittent fasting is easy and doesn't strain your body, so it won't interfere with your daily life. These beverages are minimal in calories and won't help you gain weight, so you may drink them often.

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