Trump may struggle to raise money in 2024.

Washington— Trump's renowned ability to raise large campaign funds may face a new and unpleasant reality. Campaign finance records filed this week showed two main organizations in his political operation raised $13.8 million in January while spending more than they drew in, raising concerns. Millions in legal expenses from Trump's many court fights drove those expenditures.

The current data only show part of the Trump operation's finances because other sections won't have to publish theirs until April. Trump's declining cashflow paints an unsettling image of the GOP's obvious presidential contender, especially to contributors who don't want to fund his legal battles.

Despite Trump's promises of retribution, some are supporting his final opponent, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who outraised his primary campaign committee by nearly $3 million last month. Karoline Leavitt, a Trump spokesperson, did not discuss campaign financing.

Leavitt said small dollar contributors from every background are behind President Trump's campaign because they're weary of Crooked Joe Biden's record-high inflation, wide open border invasion, crime, and instability. “Voters don’t want four more years of misery and destruction.”

When queried about the statistics, a Trump aide sent a link to a Fox News report from Tuesday claiming that Trump was anticipated to raise $6 million at an event that day. Trump spent $3.7 million of the two groups' $15 million in January on legal costs. The Save America committee has over $2 million in legal bills, documents indicate. A pro-Trump super PAC provided most of Save America's January funding.

The super PAC “Make America Great Again Inc.,” funded by Save America with $60 million in autumn 2022, gave the committee another $5 million “refund” installment. Records indicate that Trump campaign executives have clawed back $47 million in installments.

Trump's two groups had $36.6 million in cash, compared to Biden's $132 million stockpile, which he and the DNC raised $42 million for in January. “His endless drama and legal bills will deplete the Republican Party and bring even more electoral losses,” Nachama Soloveichik, Haley's communications director, warned.

Trump is taking over the cash-strapped Republican National Committee to install his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, as its No. 2. The latest legal expenses come at a crucial moment. Some contributors and RNC committee members believe that Trump may soon ask the RNC to pay his legal fees, given his campaign's focus on legal persecution.

“Every penny will go to the RNC's only job. That is choosing Donald J. Trump as president of the United States,” Lara Trump told NewsMax. The RNC had $8.7 million in hand at the end of January, despite its own challenges. It's unclear how much his massive legal expenses will hurt him or the RNC.

Trump's financial situation is uncommon for a frontrunner to win a major party nomination, but there is time to recover. If he becomes the nominee, he will be allowed to raise money with the RNC, allowing a single contributor to send a $1 million check. Biden and the DNC have that edge over him.

Over the last year, he's utilized his legal drama, including his indictment hearings, to draw campaign funds from his big conservative following. Online, many chip tiny sums.  Trump entered the 2024 race with over $100 million, much of it raised in the days after his 2020 defeat to Biden when he pounded supporters for a “election defense fund.”

His present financial troubles resemble the 2020 presidential contest, when he and his advisors went through $1 billion and a significant cash edge over Biden with nothing to show. Legal expenses have cost over $80 million in the previous two years, documents indicate.

“It’s been a tough couple of weeks if you are Donald Trump and like money,” said Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa. “The RNC had its worst fundraising year in decades, is bleeding cash, and Trump enters the general election with the weakest operation ever.”

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