US Mint Sales: 2024 Liberty & Britannia Products Debut

Last week, on February 8, the United States Mint introduced two complementary goods for preorder: the 2024-W $100 Proof Liberty & Britannia Gold Coin and the 2024-P Proof Liberty & Britannia Silver Medal. Both of these products serve as companions to one another.

In terms of weekly sales, both of them were among the best sellers at the Mint. More specifically, the Liberty & Britannia silver medal, which weighs one ounce, was the most popular product, with sales reaching 16,218 units. There are still plenty available, despite the fact that it was minted 75,000 times, and it is priced at $89!

It is worth noting that the Liberty & Britannia gold coin, which weighs one ounce and has a mintage of 10,000, is less expensive than its counterpart, which has a price tag of $3,020. As a result of this, it managed to earn the third position among the items that sold the most units throughout the week, with sales reaching 4,013 units.

Within its most recent report, the United States Mint disclosed sales information for a total of 422 numismatic goods. As a result of the data, 61 goods were able to surpass their sales from the previous week, which is an increase over the previous report's total of 69 products.

When compared to the prior report, which included 12 goods, 8 of those products suffered a negative weekly sales figure.

There were three notable decreases: the 2023-S Morgan & Peace Silver Dollar Reverse Proof Set—a loss of 478 coins—the 2023-P American Liberty Silver Medal—a loss of 228 coins—and the 2024-W Proof American Silver Eagle—a loss of 73 units, or 2,920 coins—in the bulk option.

Tables below display the most recent sales data for numismatic goods from the United States Mint. The dates of the sale are February 5th through the 11th. Products marked with an asterisk (*) either haven't been sold or are no longer available.

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