US Mint Sales: 2024 Liberty & Britannia Products Debut

Last week on February 8th, the 2020-W $100 Proof Liberty & Britannia Gold Coin and the 2020-P Proof Liberty & Britannia Silver Medal were released for preorder by the United States Mint.

They were both among the best-selling items at the Mint on a weekly basis. In particular, 16,218 pieces of the 1-ounce Liberty & Britannia silver medal were sold, making it the best-selling item. With a mintage of 75,000, there are still enough of them available for $89 each.

The 1-ounce Liberty & Britannia gold coin costs $3,020 despite having a lesser mintage of 10,000. Regardless, it managed to sell 4,013 units, good for third place among the best-selling goods of the week.

The most recent report from the United States Mint included sales figures for 422 different numismatic items. According to the statistics, 61 goods had better sales performance than the previous week, up from 69 in the previous report.

When compared to the prior report, which included 12 goods, 8 of those products suffered a negative weekly sales figure.

There were three notable decreases: the 2023-S Morgan & Peace Silver Dollar Reverse Proof Set—a loss of 478 coins—the 2023-P American Liberty Silver Medal—a loss of 228 coins—and the 2024-W Proof American Silver Eagle—a loss of 73 units, or 2,920 coins—in the bulk option.

The following tables provide an overview of the most recent sales of numismatic goods produced by the United States Mint. The period of sales extends from February 5 to February 11. Items that are denoted with an asterisk (*) are either no longer available or have not been reported to have sold.

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