US Mint Sales: Debut of New Quarters and Dollars, Plus 2024-W Proof Silver Eagle Update

After taking a break of two weeks, the United States Mint has provided an update on the sales numbers for its numismatic items. Additionally, it has provided initial glances at the success of relatively recent releases, such as the 2024 Rev.

The Dr. Pauli Murray quarter and the 2024 Native American dollar, in addition to relatively recent releases such as the Illinois Innovation dollar and the 2024-W Proof American Silver Eagle, are examples of coins that have been released.

The U.S. Mint distributed rolls and bags of Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray quarters ($40–$60) and 2024 Native American dollar rolls, bags, and boxes ($34.50–$289.75) last week.

In the United States Mint's four-year coin series that is dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments of American women, the Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray quarter is the eleventh entry in the series. During their first week of availability, the roll and bag alternatives, which were released on February 1st, accumulated a total of 2,010,460 quarters.

This is the slowest start of the five 2023 quarters, which ranged from 2,141,420 coins for Maria Tallchief to 2,745,380 coins for Bessie Coleman. The sum is more than any of the five quarters of 2022, yet the Mint provided less than 1.8 million for each.

In recognition of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, this year's Native American dollar features an inspired design. The first week of sales for the $1 rolls, bags, and boxes were 1,465,875 coins, after they were released on January 29. Regarding some recent comparisons:

In its first day of circulation, the 2023 dollar, which featured Maria Tallchief and four other dancers striking a balletic posture, was purchased by 1,127,325 enthusiasts.

Illinoisans can purchase American Innovation dollars from the U.S. Mint in 25-coin rolls for $34.50 or 100-coin bags for $117.50, both of which were issued on January 25. A total of 801,250 coins were sold in the first four days for these goods. Of the four Innovations dollars that were introduced in 2023, this amount surpasses the sales beginnings of all except one.

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