Were you aware that green tea is not as healthful as you had previously believed?

Imagine keeping active and healthy by adding tea to your diet! Though simple, it's true. Green tea, rich in antioxidants, is a vital elixir that has encouraged many to embrace this health regimen! Health lovers worldwide swear by its magical ability to treat many diseases and boost immunity.

Aside from its enchanted skin benefits, green tea is said to aid in weight reduction, ward against cancer, keep the heart and brain healthy, and more. The unoxidized leaves used to make green tea indicate that it is less processed than other varieties of the tea.

Still, it doesn't imply that green tea is inherently healthful. People also don't realize that it has certain unintended consequences! Caffeine is present in both black and green varieties of tea. And there are major negative consequences associated with drinking too much caffeine.

Green tea often causes sleeplessness. If you drink green tea late at night, you may have trouble sleeping. Caffeine may cause it and damage mental health over time. Limit daytime green tea consumption. Limit caffeine in the nights.

Green tea may potentially cause anemia, according to research. This chemical limits iron absorption from plant-based meals. Excess consumption might cause iron deficiency and anemia. Consider eating vitamin C-rich foods to address this condition.

Green tea, like other teas, is acidic. Drinking too much tea causes acid reflux. Avoid digestive issues by eating something an hour before drinking green tea. Marketed green teas may include preservatives that induce heartburn and acidity. Avoid acid reflux and heartburn by drinking only fresh-brewed green tea.

It is possible that you will suffer loose stool if you are someone who has recently begun drinking green tea. This can once again be attributed to the caffeine that is contained in the tea. In order to prevent diarrhea, you should try drinking tea either with the entire meal or after the meal.

Caffeine in green tea raises blood pressure. Thus, overdrinking any caffeinated drink can dramatically raise blood pressure, causing cardiac problems. Dizziness, headaches, and stomach discomfort might result. Drink one to two cups a day to reap the advantages of green tea.

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