Why is it vital to fortify food, and what exactly is food fortification?

The addition of nutrients to foods that do not already contain them is what is meant by the term "food fortification." To increase the nutritional value of milk, for instance, it is frequently fortified with added vitamin D. In order to assist individuals in overcoming their nutritional inadequacies, fortification is being used.

Overall, 21.9% of Indians lived in poverty in 2011–2012. According to India's population, 21.9% is a lot. Due to food shortages, malnutrition is one of the worst effects of poverty. History shows that the government has worked hard to reduce and eliminate malnutrition.

Low nutrition causes issues for everyone, not just those living below the poverty level. Problems with adequate nutrition can affect people from many walks of life. In reality, 70% of urban Indians have a deficiency in some nutrients, such as vitamin D.

The Food Fortification Resource Centre was formed under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) with the primary purpose of promoting the fortification of food on a broad scale. This was done with the realization that inadequacies were a problem.

A '+F' logo for rice, wheat flour, salt, edible oil, and milk was created by the Food Fortification Resource Centre, which has assumed responsibility for the massive manufacturing of fortified goods. The nutritional content of the food items described before will be increased thanks to the emblem, which represents fortification.

There are many instances in which fortified food items are unable to reach the most impoverished members of society, who are among the most severely affected when it comes to nutritional deficiencies. The cause of this issue is a lack of purchasing power as well as a distribution channel that is not very strong.

In spite of the fact that fortified foods are helpful in supplying particular nutrients, in the long term, you will require a comprehensive diet. This is the reason why the potential of such foods is limited in lower sectors of society.

The function that food fortification plays in pushing limits is significant since it allows for more to be obtained with less resources. At the same time that the procedure is gradually but surely altering eating patterns, it is also assisting a nation that is mostly barren of healthful food in addressing the problem.

We can only hope that the FSSAI program will be seen and heard by the majority of our population, and that the day will come when the majority of businesses will be producing food items that have been fortified.

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